Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Director: Rian Johnson

Screenplay: Rian Johnson

Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Ram Bergman, Lawrence Kasdan, Simon Kinberg

MyReviews Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Some things about the movie (no spoilers yet)

I always look forward to Star Wars movies, but I’m a conflicted fan because I also look equally forward to new Star Trek movies when they come out. This movie brings back characters such as Kylo, Rey, Chewbacca, Poe, Leia, BB-8, Snoke, Hex, Fin, and Phasma.

I had the great pleasure of watching Star Wars The Last Jedi movie over the weekend, and I have to say that I was impressed. While I did think some improvements could have been done in certain scenes, there wasn’t many scenes that I would have changed. The movie over all delivered as promised to be another great movie in this series of movies.

In this installment of the series they introduce a few new characters, new star ships, and some new creatures. You will either love or hate the new characters there is really no in between, as far as the new creatures they seem to be the comic relief of the movie.

This movie seems to have many things going on at once, for which I can only ponder a guess that they are going to make for an epic episode IX.

My Thoughts before watching the movie

After watching the previews for this movie I had my thoughts on the way things would go, and they were bleak. In the full preview they portray that Rey is super powerful, and that Luke feared her. They also conveyed that Kylo was slightly inclined to maybe return to the light side of the force.

I thought they may have one of those crazy movie twists, and I had a few possibilities in mind. Primarily that Rey would kill Luke and fall to the dark side, Kylo would kill Snoke and revert to the lightside. Secondly, Rey would simply fall to the dark side, and join Kylo and Snoke. Lastly, Rey would try to fight Snoke and Kylo alone, and end up dead leaving only Luke as “The Last Jedi.”

Synopsis in my words

The Republic has ended, and the Rebel Alliance is back trying to defeat The First Order. The Republic is on the run, and The First Order is quick on their heals. Meanwhile, Rey has traveled to Ahch-To to deliver Anakin Skywalkers lightsaber to Luke.

Now that Rey has found Luke, who has secluded himself on an island on planet Ahch-To, and closed himself off from the force. It is Reys goal to attempt convincing Luke to join the fight against The First Order.

Supreme Leader Snoke is attempting to destroy the Rebellion, and achieving galactic supremacy. Snoke is simultaneously trying to find and destroy Luke, and recruit Rey to the Sith.

There are many battles and explosions for those that enjoy that aspect of these movies.

Rey tries to convince Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) to come back to the light side of the force with all her best efforts. Poe Dameron and Fin are trying to figure out how The First Order is tracking the Rebellion through hyperspace, and put efforts in place to stopping them from being able to track the Rebels.

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My Thoughts for improvement (Possible spoiler alert)

I’m going to speak plainly, so you may not want your children reading this review. You have made it this far it’s likely that you have seen the movie, or you just don’t mind spoilers. To start with I think they may have spent too much time focusing on Luke and Rey out on Ahch-To. The movie was approximately 3 hours, but could have been slightly shortened, or focused on other content.

Maybe get off the island sooner, but that’s just my opinion on that. Secondly, I understand Snoke is the Supreme Leader, but come on, really they guy can do a bit of mind control from the other side of the galaxy. I mean if he had that kind of power how could he not for see what was going to happen to him.

Kylo is by far the most whiny Sith Lord (aka badass) ever. I don’t think he’s really suited for the Sith life, because he seems like he’s always on the verge of tears. Just cry it out behind the scenes and move on. I thought we would see a bit more badassery from Kylo.

Now to Rey, what the hell is going on here! In the last movie she went from not even knowing she was force sensitive to being able to fend of the mental intrusion of a Sith Lord, and now she seems as though most progress has stopped.

We have seen here use telekinesis before, so she has no new tricks in this movie. I was really hoping to see her progress her force powers, much like Luke did in the Empire Strikes Back, but I suppose they wanted to remove some similarities from this movie.

About the previous movies, these newer movies are seeming offly similar to the original three movies. The first one Han even mentions “so, it’s just another Deathstar,” but here we are in this one and instead of the Empire striking back it’s The First Order striking back.

The few new characters they brought in for this movie include Rose a seemingly lowly pilot that ends up doing great things i the name of her sister, and she gets Fin pointed in the right direction again.

Now I’m going to pick on Fin a bit, this is the second movie in which he tries to take a cowards way out. In The Force Awakens the only reason he helps out is because Rey gets caught by Kylo Ren, and I guess it forces him to feel some type of chivalrous way.

Enter Rose who catches Fin trying to escape from the seemingly doomed Rebellion ship, and stuns him while he is trying to escape. When Fin comes to from the stunning he finds himself in a new scenario where Rose, Poe, and Fin are trying to figure out how to lose The First Order which they discover has been tracking them.

Enter the Juggernaut which is a bigger, better, and meaner looking star destroyer. The Juggernaut just reminds me of a bigger version of the Emperial Star Destroyer. There are seemingly so many similarities in this movie to the Empire Strikes back, with few exceptions.

Some things I liked about the movie (Spoiler Alert!)

I really enjoyed the lightsaber fight seen in this movie, as they further explored the uses of a lightsaber. Such as igniting the lightsaber at just the right times. Also, using the force to manipulate a lightsaber while fighting, which seems to be a Sith battle tactic.

Kylo uses this ability in the main lightsaber fight scene of the movie to kill Supreme Leader Snoke. Another cool part of this particular fight scene is when Kylo ignites the lightsaber while it’s pointed at the head of one of the imperial guard. Needless to say that guy/girl didn’t make it.

Many critics did not care for Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, but I will say this much for The Phantom Menace, the uses of lightsabers was displayed in the opening scenes. During the beginning of The Phantom Menace Qui-Gon Jinn uses his lightsaber to cut through a blast door on the bridge, but was interrupted by a couple of battle droids.

I really enjoyed the fact that you as a viewer finally get to witness the Imperial Guard in action. Now basing off of the books that I have read by other authors for the Star Wars universe these Imperial Guard are in fact force sensitive, and as such have learned to use the force through martial arts. The form of martial arts they use is called Teras Kasi.


You enjoy the Star Wars Universe and have loved the movies so far, go see this movie it was well-made, even if it does in my opinion resemble The Empire Strikes Back. I always look forward to Star Wars movies, and will continue watching them until they let me down completely.

I would however love to see them do some more with the books written by other authors. I would love to see the rise of the Yuuzhan Vong, which is a foreign enemy to all the Star Wars universe, and a worthy foe for the Jedi.

You have enjoyed what you’ve read here please feel free to comment below. You disagree with my points of view feel free to comment below. This is just my opinion of the movie, and you’re welcome to yours.


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